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Posted Mon, 01/28/2013 - 14:52 in Business

Experts@dal spotlight: Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd

Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd is an assistant professor in the School of Information Management and director of the Dalhousie Social Media Lab. In this video, Anatoliy shares insight on why it's important to pay attention to how individuals and organizations use social media.

Key Points:

  • The popularity, convenience and accessibility of social media has created an "avalanche" of user-driven content online. There's now a need for tools that can help policy makers and decision makers sift through this avalanche and find what information is relevant to them.

  • There's an online community for almost every interest or hobby, and most are easily accessible to anyone who would like to join. Therefore, it's important for individuals to understand which communities are more professional or perhaps more social, and how to determine where their online behaviours make the most sense.

  • The Social Media Lab is following the "second screen experience" trend closely. This is when a person uses a mobile device to interact with a community (or communities) while watching live events, like elections or the Olympics.

  • The Social Media Lab conducted an analysis on the use of social media during the Canadian federal election in 2011. One particular outcome of this research found that between 20-40 per cent of users following political party leaders online were actually fake accounts.

  • Through mobile devices with GPS technology, such as smartphones and tablets, people can now connect with places around them using applications designed to use current location to best suggest/instruct on directions, restaurant recommendations, tourism landmarks, etc.


Standing in front of a team's visualization of online conversation
Gruzd, Anatoliy
Standing in front of a team's visualization of online conversation
Photo Credit: Bruce Bottomley
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